Being an athlete means you’ll always face challenges, and for Kim Scott she accepts that she’s going to have to work hard in the saddle to get the results she wants. That she as cerebral palsy makes it a little more of a challenge, but not one she shies away from.

Kim with her bay horse Dominion.

Kim and ‘Domino’. (photo courtesy Kim Scott)

In this episode of Hitting Your Stride, Tracey Mitchell welcomes Kim and engages her in a conversation about what it’s like in her quest to become a member of the Canadian team at the 2024 Paris Paralympics. It’s a story with roots in her childhood where Kim wanted to do everything her sister was doing; from there she grew as a rider and learned what it takes mentally and physically to compete and grow as an athlete and a person. She talks about how her condition affects her and what the difference between a good and bad day is – and how you still have to put it together when you’re going down the centre line.

Parental support has been big for Kim, as they’ve backed her every step of the way despite being a little terrified – even joking about how she doesn’t leave the ground any more except during collection. Her coach has had her back as well, giving Kim inspiration to join the coaching ranks as a pro one day. She admits there have been ups and downs in a number of areas, but the horses and her training have been the constant that’s gotten her through the tough times.

A sense of gratitude prevails Kim’s attitude, and her desire to pay it forward is clear in her actions and words. And her admission that dealing with cerebral palsy ‘is easy’ because she’s always had to account for it might seem shocking, but it puts her work on her goals into a better perspective in so many ways.

Kim Scott can be found online at her website and on social media (@kimscott_paraequestrian on Instagram). Contact Kim via her website to find out how you can help support her GoFundMe page in her drive to make it to Paris.

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