Quintyn Baeumler is a busy guy. The 18-year-old who was born in Oakville, Ontario, and spent most of his life growing up in Campbellville, is now a part-time resident of Wellington, Florida. Between frequently travelling back and forth to Canada, and balancing online school duties with training and competing at progressively higher levels in the jumper ring, his days are full.

The teen has done two stints representing Canada in the North American Youth Championships (NAYC) in Traverse City, Michigan (in 2021 with Harissa Z and in 2022 with Haydn), gaining valuable team experience in a high-pressure atmosphere. His most recent success was a commendable sixth-place finish in the $25,000 Palm Beach Equine Clinic Grand Prix at Wellington International in early May aboard Haydn, his 11-year-old chestnut KWPN gelding.

Oh, and as the son of HGTV stars Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, who are responsible for the hit reality reno shows including House of Bryan, Disaster DIY, and Island of Bryan, he and the family can often be found soaking up the sun at their Caerula Mar Club resort in the Bahamas.

Horse Sport caught up with Quintyn recently to ask about his past experiences and future aspirations.

Who was your first horse/pony and where did you first began riding?
My first pony was named Felix. He was a large chestnut pony that was stabled only a few minutes from my house at a small local barn.

Quintyn sitting on a bay horse.Who is your coach now?
I currently train with Ronan McGuigan at Hermitage Farm. My little sister Josephine had met Ronan’s daughter Zara and they quickly became best friends. Soon after, I met Ronan and his teaching style and personality really drew me in. He gave me the opportunity to help around the farm riding a few horses, which later progressed into training with him full time. I am very grateful for the opportunity Ronan and my parents have given me.

Haydn has quite an impressive global resumé; how did you come to own him?
We originally saw Haydn on a video jumping a 1.40m class here in the States. He immediately caught my eye and seemed to be my ride. We began by leasing him for a short period of time as a trial. He was truly amazing right from the beginning. Soon after leasing him we decided to purchase him; Haydn is the first horse I’ve ever owned and he couldn’t be more perfect.

What is his personality like?
Haydn is terrified of feather dusters! He loves to stick his tongue out, which has to be one of my favourite quirks of his.

Do you have any other horses?
As of now, I only have Haydn. I am hoping to find a second horse soon!

How do you manage school and your riding/competition schedule?
Managing school and riding is definitely challenging at times. I currently do online school and am therefore able to ride in the mornings and do school in the afternoons. I do my best to work extra on my off days, allowing me to take breaks during busy show weeks.

Are you hoping to go to NAYC again this year?
Being on the team at NAYC is definitely an important goal of mine. Haydn and I are working hard to accomplish this goal for either this or next year. I am still eligible for the junior team again this year, so being a mentor and anchor rider for the other members of the team is also a possibility and important to me.

Where do you see yourself in ten years in regard to your life with horses?
In ten years’ time I would really love to be travelling the world and competing. I would love to own a farm and learn the process of buying, training, and selling young horses as well.

Do you have any brothers and sisters, and do any of them ride?
I have three younger siblings: Charlotte, Lincoln, and Josephine. Of all my siblings, Josephine has the biggest passion and love for horses and animals. She has ridden my horse a few times and jumps on every opportunity she has to ride!

So, what’s it really like having TV stars as parents?
I have been in front of TV cameras my whole life. For me, it’s quite normal. Our film crew is like one big family and I have enjoyed many of the shows we’ve done in the past, especially Island of Bryan (Renovation Island) in the Bahamas. (Ed note: check out the cool video “The Baeumler Kids Are Alright” here.)


If you could ride any horse in the world (past or present), which would it be?
I would love the opportunity to ride Henrik von Eckermann’s horse King Edward!

Do you have any pre-class good luck charms or superstitions?
I am not really superstitious at all. Occasionally I will wear mismatched funky socks or my favourite shirt if I need some extra luck.

The Baeumler family on the beach.

The fam in the Bahamas. (HGTV Canada photo)

What’s your idea of a dream vacation?
Anywhere warm by the ocean. A fishing and scuba diving trip in the Caribbean is always a top choice!

What show(s) you are currently watching?
Some of my favourites are Alone, Wicked Tuna, and Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

Favourite food:
Bahamian seafood is by far my favourite! I love freshly-caught tuna and lobster.

Favourite band/music genre:
My favourite music genre is country – I don’t have one particular favourite band, but I love Zac Brown Band, Johnny Cash, and Tyler Childers.