In the course of an international career that spans decades, Evi Strasser has trained dozens of horses to Grand Prix. All are special in their own way, but one of the current residents at her Montreal-area home base, Good Tyme Stable, has all the makings of a fairy tale.

The Basics:

Show name: Disney Tyme
Barn name: Disney
Year of birth: 2008
Sex: Gelding
Height: 16.2 h.
Breed: Oldenburg (Diamond Hit x Weltmeyer x Azkent II)
Breeder: Christiane Schmidt
Owner: Evi Strasser
Top-5 2019/2020 Results:
Feb. 22, 2020 – 5th, CDI3* Grand Prix Special, Wellington FL
June 15, 2019 – 2nd, CDI3* FEI Grand Prix Special, CDI Thornton, ON
June 14, 2019 – 3rd, CDI3* FEI Grand Prix CDI Thornton, ON
March 28, 2019 – 5th, CDI4* Grand Prix, Wellington FL
March 29, 2019 – 5th, CDI4* Grand Prix Freestyle, Wellington FL

How long have you been paired with Disney Tyme?
Disney has been part of our stable since he was three years old.

What was your initial impression of him?
The moment I saw Disney, I immediately thought he had all the makings of being a top Grand Prix horse.

What made you think he was an ideal top-level prospect?
Generally speaking, Disney has three top-quality gaits, which make him an ideal candidate to develop up the levels. He had a natural ability to spring off the ground, as well as an amazing canter that had a lot of ability to collect. Also, he always had an amazing work ethic and “can do” attitude. We call him our workaholic.

Describe his personality in one word

Why does that word suit him?
I think if he could, he would come in the house and lie on the couch with you. He is a real snuggler.

What is his greatest strength?
He loves to work.

What is his biggest challenge?
He always tries too hard.

What is his funniest habit?
He likes to cross his feet in front and scratches himself with his legs that way. It’s quite funny to see!

What is his favourite treat?

Is there anything he hates or is afraid of?
He’s not a fan of the whipper-snipper.

If Disney Tyme were a human celebrity, who would he be?
George Clooney.

What is your favourite moment with him so far?
My favourite memory is probably Disney’s first Friday night under the lights in Wellington, Florida, riding Renaissance Tyme’s “Aladdin” freestyle (created by Gary Patterson) in front of a packed crowd. It’s always so satisfying when you have trained your horse from a three-year-old to Grand Prix and then take him into an environment that is so big and he just gives it his all for you. There is nothing like it!


(Cealy Tetley photo)


What is your most embarrassing/funniest moment with him so far?
One day, I decided to ride later in the day than usual. I tacked Disney up and left him in his stall. Normally he is PERFECT about this; however, this day I think he was mad at me and he decided to roll on his brand-new Albion saddle! Fortunately the saddle survived intact – I have no idea how. Needless to say, he always goes in the crossties now.

If he wasn’t a dressage horse, what would Disney Tyme’s dream occupation be?
I could see him as a real estate agent on the TV shows “Million Dollar Listing New York” or “Million Dollar Listing L.A.” He would have all the charm and know-how to do a great job.

How did the pandemic affect your showing/training plans for him?
The pandemic definitely cut down our competition season, however, I believe this was a great opportunity for us to continue training. My good friend [and former Canadian Olympian] Ashley Holzer has been giving me a hand with Disney Tyme, and we have continued this training through Skype while I am back in Canada. This has been one of the best things for both Disney and me as we continue to grow together. I couldn’t be more grateful for all of Ashley’s help and guidance. The small changes that we’ve made to our program have helped us reach a whole new level, and I am looking forward to taking Disney out to competitions again post-pandemic.

What are your future plans and hopes for him?
At the moment it’s hard to plan too far ahead, but our sights are set on the Olympics in Tokyo next year. I believe Ashley’s guidance and the extra training time we have been granted due to the pandemic have given us the opportunity to bring out this brilliant horse in the right time. We’ll see what the future holds, but no matter what, I’m enjoying the ride.