Gwen has opinions about bags and bridges:

Who’s up for a game of Horse Spook Bingo?!

Blame it on the guy with the rake:

When your horse can’t even remember why he spooked:

A new Olympic sport – the Synchronised Spook:

Spidey senses on full alert:

“I’ll take ‘vat of acid’ for $50, Bob.”

If your horse hasn’t seen it in the last 2.5 seconds, it’s a big scary monster.

Horror movies for horses:

Beware the Horse-Eating Poop!

First show after a layoff?

The short list:

When your horse thinks he’s a brave little soldier:

And now for an amazing display of a rock-solid non-spooky horse, watch Fairly Obvious and Lindsey Partridge freestyle 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover – after the 2:10 mark is especially impressive!