In this series, senior international judge and course designer Randy Roy critiques riders’ positions over fences, praising good form and pointing out flaws and how to correct them. We are looking for brave souls to send us their photos! Email your high-resolution jumping pics to

Alex Barrere & Extravaganza (pictured above)

– Beautiful, generous release
– Leg on and supportive
– Confident, positive ride

Needs Improvement:
– Toe needs to turn in slightly
– Stirrup more into her foot
– More weight in her heel will bring her body closer to her tack

Overall: A+
An exceptionally good look and I like all of what you are doing. Small fixes. And your beautifully jumping horse likes you too!


Nicki Cassidy-Small & Grafton Street (aka Turtle)

– Excellent position of lower leg
– A positive following forward
– Sitting right square in the middle of her horse – a solid look

Needs Improvement:
– Release could be a bit higher and pushing into the crest
– Needs to bring the elbows in closer to the sides

Overall: A
One suggestion: I would lengthen or eliminate the martingale as it is catching him in the air and you are trying to do all the right things. A very educated ride. Lucky horse!


Anna Gilmour & Vogue

– A good follow forward over the jump
– A nice line with her arm to the horse’s mouth
– Proportionately out of the tack for the jump height

Needs Improvement:
– Stirrup length could be a half hole longer and positioned more towards her toe
– She needs to let the pinched knee relax and open slightly to reinforce the lower leg

Overall: B+
I like your determined, positive ride. You are totally committed!


Lexi Mason & Elliott

– A generous, positive release
– A good supportive lower leg
– Eyes focussed ahead; body in the centre of her horse

Needs Improvement:
– Leg has slipped slightly back
– Fingers need to close around the reins
– Bringing your leg forward will bring you closer to the tack for the height of the oxer.

Overall: A-
You are doing an excellent job and appear to have a promising future with your riding!