In this series, judge Randy Roy critiques riders’ positions over fences, praising good form and pointing out flaws and how to correct them. We are looking for other brave souls to send us their photos! Email your high-resolution jumping pics to

Chanele Martin & Best Kept Secret (photo above)

– A great lower leg, right underneath and supportive
– Upper body right where it should be with the jump
– Square in the centre of the horse

Needs Improvement
– Fingers could tighten up around the reins
– Release could be a bit longer and higher, as it is an oxer
– Stirrup could come forward and would allow the heel to drop

Overall: A+
You have the winning look; pleasing to look at, quality horsemanship. Little fixes will make it even closer to perfection.


Amber Callan Phoenix Afillyate Photography

Amber Callan and Phoenix. (Afillyate Photography)

Amber Callan & Phoenix

– Beautiful and correct lower leg
– Just far enough out of the saddle for the height of the jump
– Eyes focused on where you are going

Needs Improvement
– Need to close your upper body down closer to the horse
– Release could be higher and pressing into the crest
– A slightly shorter rein will help package your horse up

Overall: A
A great follow-through with the horse from what looks like a long distance. Very determined and confident.


Jenna Gauthier and Kronos.

Jenna Gauthier

– A totally balanced upper body
– Great release and where it should be
– All the way in the middle of your horse with even contact

Needs Improvement
– Toe needs to turn out more
– Relaxing the pressure of the pinched knee will help fix the lower leg
– Stirrup can come forward a bit, which will lower the heel

Overall: A
You have lots going for you and I really like your positive look. Keep it up – you are going places!


Yvonne Van Daiah and Something Special Totem photo

Yvonne Van Daiah and Something Special. (Totem Photographics)

Yvonne Lan Daigh & Something Special

– Love the happy, excited expression. It looks like you do this because you love it
– Upper body is where it should be with the jump
– I like the release and following hand

Needs Improvement
– Lower leg needs to come forward
– Knee should relax and let the lower leg support and hold the balance
– Also let your elbows come in closer to each other

Overall: B+
I want you on my team ! An A+ in no time. Keep on smiling – it is a joy ride !

Randy Roy is a senior international judge and course designer. He owns and operates Hunters Glen show stable in King, ON.