Now, more than ever before, we are relying on our phones to keep us connected. With equestrian competitions cancelled the world over, we are in need of a quick fix to get our dose of show jumping, three-day eventing and dressage shows, horses and riders. Fortunately, many of our Canadian high-performance athletes are savvy on social media to fulfill this need. Here are some of our favourites. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and in the comments please let us know who you’re following!


Three-Day Eventing

Jessica Phoenix

The two-time Olympian and five-time Pan Am Game three-day eventer uses her social media savvy to update fans on her horses, competitions and personal moments with friends and family. @jessicaphoenixequestrian
Followers: 6,960

Hawley Bennett-Awad

Two Olympics and three World Equestrian Games prove Hawley a top rider. However, it’s her fun Instagram account that shows the eventer enjoying the more social aspects of the sport as well as intimate at home moments (and fitness videos) with her husband Gamal Awad that got us hooked. @hbeventing
Followers: 9,280


Tina & Jaimey Irwin

The dressage power couple that are Jaimey and Tina Irwin give followers a glimpse into their winning formula both in and out of the saddle. While Tina (Pan Am Team gold and individual silver medalist) has her own social media presence with @tina_irwincanada, this newest Instagram account for Team Irwin is beautifully curated and photographed. @teamirwindressage
Followers: 508

Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu

New mom and Canadian dressage team rider, Brittany’s account has the right mix of baby photos and horsey escapades to give fans a look inside the life of a busy team dressage rider. @brittanybeaulieu10
Followers: 2,950

Megan Lane

Fans of dressage in Canada know Megan Lane as an accomplished rider and coach with both the Olympics and the Pan Ams under her belt. To ensure her fans, and fans of the sport, are kept in the loop, her series of photos and videos capture the day-to-day happenings – think FEI jogs – plus the perfect blend of #TBT, cute dogs and glamorous shots of Wellington. @mlanedressage
Followers: 1,408

Show Jumping

Eric Lamaze

What’s not to love and admire about “Lamazing?” The Olympic individual gold medalist show jumper has been through his share of personal struggles, trauma and loss. But Eric’s strength is an inspiration. His account includes the expected competition photos, but we were equally interested in the images of the rider on his boat, at the gym (boxing!) plus the various global destinations he competes at that give us an inside look at the glamorous side of the sport. @ericlamaze
Followers: 21.2K

Tiffany Foster

The top-ranked female Canadian Olympic rider, the photogenic Tiff knows how to work the smart phone to her advantage. Using a mixture of professional shots of her in the ring (and video) with more candid moments out of the ring makes her popular account worth following. @tiffanyfosterofficial
Followers: 18.8K

Kara Chad

Canadian jumping team rider and team alternate during the Rio Olympics, on social media Kara shows both her professional equestrian side in the ring, as well as shout-outs to sponsors. But her humour shines through in posts about her attempt to water ski (she won’t be giving up her day job anytime soon) and a New Year’s Resolution to post more on Instagram. We hope she keeps it! @_karachad_
Followers: 5,098