WeCover is a family-owned company that has been committed to building quality steel truss buildings for over 20 years. Located at their corporate headquarters in Thamesville, Ontario ‒ WeCover provides custom structural solutions that meet your needs; whether you are running a private farm, a boarding operation, or a professional training facility.

Whether you want a barn, a stand-alone arena, or a barn and combination arena, the professionals at WeCover create customized, adaptable solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs and desires.

Here are just a few of the advantages a WeCover structure can offer:

1. Bright, Natural Light
The translucent fabric roof allows the sun to naturally illuminate the structure and allows the spreading soft light evenly into every corner of the building, eliminating dark shadows and harsh lighting hot-spots and creating a bright, fresh, natural indoor environment.

2. Peace and Quiet
The snug fabric roof provides minimal wind noise even on blustery days due to its unique construction which provides individually tensioned panels in between each truss system using a unique “Continuous Control System”. This creates an environment for your horse free from flapping, movement, shadows, rattling, banging and startling situations.

3. Controlled Fresh Air
If you chose a pavilion-style arena, you will enjoy the natural air flow from the opened side walls (an easy option when weather permits) and if you choose an enclosed arena you have the benefit of available roof cupolas for added ventilation providing your arena with an abundance of fresh, clean indoor air. WeCover arenas have the advantage of being designed with fully open sidewalls or with window openings.

4. Space to Ride and Work
Truss systems can be manufactured up to 200′ wide in a clear span manner to accommodate a very large riding area. WeCover can also add stalls, office space or living quarters under the same roof.



5. Quality, Performance and a Name you can Trust
WeCover utilizes trusses and side columns that are hot-dipped galvanized after manufacturing for corrosion protection. This extra benefit is included as a standard item with every structure. WeCover also uses a sturdy woven (double stacked scrim) fabric with an engineered coating, which means roof longevity, style and elegance. The fabric panels are available with a 20-year pro-rated warranty, and are strong enough that the installation crews walk on them!

6. Healthier – Both Physically and Mentally
The improved air quality and light transmission provides a healthier environment for both horses and humans. In the cold, dreary and dark months, the natural light can lift human spirits, too, providing a bright, protected space to ride. WeCover structures also prevent the indoor arena ‘winter doldrums’ and help put a spring in your horse’s step.

7. Confidence-Building
Without the typical claustrophobic confines and shadowy corners where trolls lurk in a regular arena, horses can find a renewed confidence, which will in turn provide a welcome boost for the rider and means fewer interruptions.

8. Environmentally (and Operating Budget) Friendly
The natural light allows you to conserve electricity and save money on your hydro bills when there is no need to turn on daytime lighting. The beautiful roof is also an attractive, green-friendly alternative to dark, noisy steel. It is easily the most elegant and modern arena on the market today.

9. Thermal Regulation
Another wonderful quality of the WeCover Arena is that the fabric paneled roof keeps the arena slightly warmer in winter and cooler in summer ‒ also saving on utility costs and making horses, riders and trainers much more comfortable and happier.

10. Custom Palettes and Designs
With WeCover Structures the client has the ability to customize and tailor his/her new arena’s style, colour palette and finishes to match the aesthetics of your farm and your personal taste.

For more information about how a WeCover arena could work for you, visit here or contact the office toll-free at