In this series, senior international judge and course designer Randy Roy critiques riders’ positions over fences, praising good form and pointing out flaws and how to correct them. We are looking for brave souls to send us their photos! Email your high-resolution jumping pics to

Maddy Ball & Theodore (pictured above)

– you are totally engaged and flowing with your horse
– demonstrating an excellent release
– a very pleasing, confident overall look

Needs Improvement:
– stirrup needs to come back into your foot
– perhaps a 1/2 hole longer with your stirrup
– opening your knee will bring you closer to your tack

Overall: A-
You have it all – just need little fixes to rise to the top!

Katie Wilson & Avro Aero

– I like your positive focus and concentration
– a good lower leg and correct stirrup placement
– totally centered with your horse

Needs Improvement:
– release needs to move up the neck, not backwards
– knee needs to open up
– close down your upper body and stay closer to your saddle for the height of the jump

Overall: B-
Thank you for sending in your photo; you are going to help a lot of riders along. By paying attention to these suggestions you will greatly improve.


Kassandra Schneider & Princess

– upper body and eyes so focussed and determined looking
– a nice flat back
– a generous following release

Needs Improvement:
– stirrups need to be lengthened at least two full holes!
– more weight needed in the heel and pinched knee needs to relax and open up
– fingers could wrap around the reins more

Overall: B-
Fixing your lower leg will bring you closer to your tack and greatly enhance your position.


Brooke Taphorn & Harley

– great follow and concentration
– a totally good, strong leg
– a generous release

Needs Improvement:
– release could be elevated and pressed into the crest
– lower your eye level slightly
– relax your knee to firm up your leg even more

Overall: A
In spite of all the distractions (saddle pad, sheepskin girth, boots) I really value your position and your positive ride!