A virtual Town Hall meeting was held on May 8, 2020 for the Town of Caledon, where Ontario’s Solicitor General, Sylvia Jones made the following statement regarding boarders accessing their horses”

“To be clear: the ability to visit and ride your horse today is allowed. You cannot do it in group lessons, you cannot do it in competitions because that would contravene the emergency order of public events of more than five [people]. If you are looking at making sure that your horse is looked after, is being exercised properly, you can do that today.”

Allan Thompson, Mayor of the Town of Caledon, said, “Events can’t happen, but as far as prepping horses and training or both as far as I’m concerned here in Caledon and most municipalities you can still go forward and do that as long as you are exercising distancing.”

The recording for this meeting was just released to OE and they ask that you govern yourself accordingly.

The statement specific to accessing your horses begins at 53:00 in the link below.

Virtual Town Hall – Caledon

OE stated, “We have been advocating relentlessly and are hopeful good news is imminent. We have been pressuring all levels of government to include equestrian in the early stage of the provinces reopening plan. Please stay tuned and be sure to listen to the message from our Premier each day.

“To that end, we urge everyone to review the Guide to Reopening Equine Businesses in Ontario When Permitted. As we begin to return to the barn we need to be patient, understanding and supportive with the facility owners and fellow equestrians as there are many new protocols to work through and implement.”

Should you have additional questions, please contact OE directly at: [email protected]