The FEI World Championships 2022 August 6-14 will see top equestrian athletes and horses from all over the world battle it out at three venues in the city in central Denmark: Stutteri Ask Stadium, Jyske Bank Boxen and BB Horse Arena.

Jumping: The Jumping competition runs from August 10-14 and includes Individual and Team finals on August 13 and 14, respectively.

Dressage: The Dressage competition runs from August 6-10 with the Team medals awarded on August 7, the Grand Prix Special on August 8 and the Grand Prix Freestyle on August 10.

Para-Dressage: The Para-Dressage competition runs from August 10-14; Individual competitions across the five grades will be held on August 10, with Individual Freestyle on August 14 and the Team competition August 12-13.

Vaulting: The Vaulting competition runs from August 6-10 with the Female, Male and Squad finals on August 8 and the Pas De Deux and Team finals on August 10.

Downloadable competition schedules here:

Online Schedule, Live Results and Master Lists

Entries for all disciplines HERE.

Meet our Canadian Athletes


Where to Watch

The only legit source for viewing (don’t fall for the Facebook livestream spammer/scammers) is FEI-TV/Clipmyhorse,tv which can be subscribed to for €16.25/month with the first 30 days free for new customers.

Weather Forecast

Typically, August weather tends to be cloudy and cool (perfect for horses!) with temps averaging 21°C for the highs and 11°C for the lows. Here is the 14-day weather forecast for the area:



Danish Delights

Demmark traditionally ranks among the happiest countries in the world despite its long, dark winter days. Could it be the food and drink? Here is some traditional Danish fare:

  • Stegt Flæsk Med Persillesovs – Fried Pork Belly with Potatoes and Parsley Sauce (National Dish)
  • Brændende Kærlighed – Burning Love (mashed potatoes, diced onions, and fried bacon)
  • Smørrebrød – Open-face Sandwich
  • Hønsekødssuppe – Chicken Broth Soup
  • Pølser – Hot Dog (with apple ketchup, remoulade, mustard, onions and pickles)
  • Forlorn Hare – Meatloaf
  • Pickled Herring

Oh and BTW in Denmark, a ‘Danish pastry’ is called a wienerbrød (Vienna bread), of which there are dozens of different delicious varieties, from the iconic yellow custard pastry (spandauer), snegle or “snails”, and the super-sweet chocolate icing-covered direktørsnegl. Now we want one.

No other country in the world produces as much beer in relation to its size and number of inhabitants. Think Carlsberg. Makes a great chaser for a shot of Aquavit. Skål!

The greetings “hello” and “byebye” are hej and hej hej, respectively.

Watch for daily updates, results and interviews at and via our regular enewsletter.

Hej hej and Go Canada!


More info about the FEI World Championships HERE.