Online horse auctions existed before the Covid-19 outbreak, but the fact is that online horse sales have grown exponentially over the past year. Several times a week there are auctions of sport horses, foals and embryos, but when and where? The Dutch rider and marketer Wendy Scholten has launched Horse Auctions Europe to provide an overview of the auction world. Horse Auctions Europe can be seen as a starting point for buying at auctions.

“As a marketer of a number of successful auctions, but also as a customer, I find it extremely interesting to follow the auctions. Clients who cannot come to Europe to look for horses, nowadays do a lot of shopping behind the computer. I often take a look myself and have already made several online purchases, but it is difficult to follow all auctions since there are so many. I was missing a platform where you can find all important auctions in Europe. So, here it is and I can tell you, the list is long! And many auctions still have to announce their date,” says Scholten.

Anyone who follows Horse Auctions Europe on Facebook and Instagram will regularly see posts and stories about upcoming and current auctions. “These posts are free for auction organizations, just like a spot on the auction calendar. There are, of course, various options for drawing extra attention to the auctions. A direct link to the auction collection or professional promotion on social media to easily reach thousands of people and get numerous potential clients to the auction website. I am convinced that this will be interesting for auctions and visitors,” she says.