Picture sitting in the saddle and thinking, ‘Can I actually do this?’ just as the first show of the season kicks off. One thought after another is racing through your head, questioning if you have what it takes to complete the goals that you set out for yourself not that long ago.

In this episode of Hitting Your Stride, Tracey Mitchell shares those exact thoughts about a goal she laid out for herself a year ago ‒ and then how she went about achieving it.

Coach Patrick Ramsay.

Joining her for this episode is her personal trainer and CrossFit Level II coach Patrick Ramsay, who was there with Tracey from day one when she came to him with this idea of competing in the CrossFit Open for the first time. He helped prepare and guide her along that journey, working together to establish benchmarks to reach small goals along the way to the big one. During that journey, Tracey had to overcome bouts of self-doubt and feeling like she was taking on too much, but neither she nor Coach Pat shied away from putting in the work to reach the brass ring.

Just like a horse and rider have to establish a plan and trust that their coach believes in them and knows their capabilities, Tracey and Patrick talk about how the different elements that came to light during her training are relatable to anyone who has been in the saddle as they make their way to the ring for the first time in a season. Tracey learned about trust, accountability and that keeping one foot in the level of discomfort at all times helps to ensure growth and success.

It came down to trusting that she was prepared mentally and physically. And when it was done, Tracey reached her goal ‒ having moved the approximate weight of three full-grown yaks. In her own words, she’s got a good base to grow on ‒ words any equestrian should take to heart.

Patrick Ramsay works for WholeFit Lucan as a trainer. He can be found on Instagram at @instarams.1, while WholeFit Lucan is @wholefittraining.

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