Those familiar with the inner workings of The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair’s competition side will know the name of Christine Reupke, as she is the current Director, Equestrian & Breed Sport for the horse show. She joins Tracey for this episode of Hitting Your Stride, sharing a wealth of experience she’s gained from being in the saddle, coaching, judging and orchestrating shows at multiple levels.

Christine has built her equestrian life around a number of tenets: being organized and accountable to one’s self, keeping an eye on the details at every level of her life-long adventure, and how big a factor humility is, and should be, for an equestrian. She mentions how being a competitor, coach and now a judge has given her new perspectives, while also making clear where the sport she loves fits in the grand scheme of things. And while a life in horses has given her a multitude of friendships, she says judging has helped her learn how to make hard decisions – even when someone she calls a friend is before her in the ring.

Leadership is a big theme of the conversation as Christine and Tracey break down the key differences between leadership and self-leadership and why that is an important distinction. Christine talks about a shared cab ride with someone after a Royal competition and how that contributed to her understanding of what being wired for success is really like.

Christine Reupke can be found and contacted on Facebook. Listen to the episode here: