An education in horses can take on many forms, and for Meghan Mackenzie Bell hers came in one of the more unique ways. She started out by riding Quarter Horses while growing up in Southwestern Ontario, but then expanded her learning post-university by working in Ireland, Kentucky, Australia and New Zealand before coming home.

As she and Tracey Mitchell talk about her role now in this episode of Hitting Your Stride– Meghan is with Henry Equestrian, Powered by NFP, as the senior manager of operations – the role of insurance in the equine world is explored and Meghan gives some insight as to how being a horse girl for all those years has given her the ability to bridge the gap for her clients when it comes to covering their needs. As most horse people do, she’s learned a way to speak in a new language of sorts while also seeing the different ways care for their horses – from the pros who need to make sure their investments are in good hands all the way to the leisure riders out for a weekend hack.

One of the key topics Tracey and Meghan cover is the idea of adaptability and how it allows Meghan to throw herself into so many different things. It’s also an important concept for insurance agents, as she says they need to be able to tailor their messages to clients rather than having it the other way around. Meghan also takes pride in her championing women’s advancement and enthusiastically talks about mentorship. But like so many things for this wife, mother, businesswoman and life-long horse girl, it all comes back to the experiences she learned in the barn. As she says, if you have a background in horses, it usually means you can do pretty much anything.

Henry Equestrian covers areas such as equine mortality, medical/surgical insurance, horse farm insurance, riding instructor insurance and more. Listen to the episode here: