There is something to be said about the idea of stepping away from something familiar and going towards something adventurous. In many ways, Ashley and Kevin Maxie of Struck Apparel get to live that ideal every day: working together as spouses, joining forces to form a new company in the equestrian world after coming together from vastly different personal journeys.

It’s been a near-perfect match for the Maxies; they’ve discovered how to work well with each other by working well off each other, and placing value on listening to one another and maintaining an open mind and attentive ears to what they each have to contribute. As Tracey finds out, their passion for equestrian sports made starting Struck feel more natural than anything else ‒ even if Kevin felt like leaving a career in mathematics was akin to running off to join the circus.

Time and effort, along with some trial and error, has put Ashley and Kevin in a good place with Struck and has allowed them the latitude to push a few boundaries along the way. It’s also given them the platform to be environmentally conscious and use their business to help promote ecological responsibility, something they didn’t set out to be known for, but have begun to see it as a natural progression of their business’s arc forward.

Tracey explores with them how challenging it can be working with your spouse, and finds out how they make time to experience joy in their busy lives. And as the Maxies keep the pastures green for everyone else, they keep on adventuring together.

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