And now Tracey knows what it’s like being on the other side of her podcast!

Victoria McCourt, Tracey’s cousin, fellow horsewoman and owner of VEM coaching, stepped in to interview Tracey and helped her talk about the Hitting Your Stride podcast and how it’s grown in two-plus years of welcoming some of the equestrian world’s biggest names and those who devote themselves behind the scenes … entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, visionaries and passionate lovers of all things equine.

It began with the story of Lowenkind, Tracey’s ‘heart horse’. And through sharing her story of connection, love and learning with the most cherished partner she’s known, the HYS host ventures out on a journey to engage with the horse world and helps bring it closer together one conversation at a time. She shares with Victoria some of the impact her podcast has had and the feedback she’s gotten, giving her a real-time snapshot of how people have responded to what Hitting Your Stride is offering.

One of Tracey’s goals in starting this podcast was to talk about some of her key values, one of which is mentorship and how it plays a role in the development of athletes, businesspeople and those who are just looking to follow their dreams. It’s a theme that has played out with virtually all of Tracey’s guests, and it’s something she believes is a key to achieving one’s goals.

Tracey’s vulnerability is something she has dedicated herself to working on, something that comes through with the podcast as it grows and becomes more aspirational with each episode. And she makes a point of telling people to challenge themselves and get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable, making that a mission statement for the coming year. The pair then bring their conversation to a close by chatting about how people open up to her and what that means not only to Tracey as a host but to those who listen — those who listen will hear the amount of energy and effort that goes into each episode, and how Tracey pours every ounce of herself into making sure she helps bring out the best in her guests and herself every time the mic goes live.

Tracey can be reached through her website here; by email at [email protected], and on social media (Facebook and Instagram).

Listen to the episode here: