The last few weeks you read about the World Jumping Championships for Young Horses in 2010 and 2011 – but how did 2012 fare? We investigated once more:

5 year old horses

Forty-three five-year-olds competed in the final for five-year-old horses in 2012, while in 2011 and 2010 there were 58 and 42 respectively!

In 2012, gold was for Toni Hassmann with Con Cara. She was one of the 5 doubles clears and later competed at 1m50 level with Tina Lund.

Pieter Clemens and Casuality Z took the silver home. This son of Cassini II later also jumped at 1m50 level under the saddle of Christian Ahlmann. In addition, Casuality Z also comes out of the dam line of the 1m60 jumping horses Catija ET Z, Restless, Chardonnay and Gentleman.

Bronze was for Gerben Morsink, who is always present at the World Championship finals! In 2012 he could count for his third place on Coursy, with whom he later jumped at 1m50 level, before the gelding disappeared from the international showjumping scene in 2015.

Ricardo Jurado and Penta finished in fourth place. This daughter of Perigueux became known under the saddle of the Belgian rider Laura Mathy with whom she successfully participated in the European Championship for Young Riders in Samorin. In addition, they even competed at 1m60 level.

Finally, we saw Thomas O’Brien in fifth place with his self-bred Codarco. This son of Darco later moved to the American rider Chloe Reid with whom he was successful at CSI5* 1m60 level.

With five out of five international horses, we are curious about the other finalists. Do you remember these 1m60 showjumpers?

Chicago (with Tracey Epp) 
Chacco’s Son I (with Maurice Tebbel)
Classic (with Anna Kellnerová)
La Petite Fleur 6 (with Nicolas Pizarro)
Quinn van de Heffinck (with Emanuele Gaudiano)
Kadans Fortuna (with Valdemaras Zukauskas)

Or how about these horses at 1m50 level?
Valetta DH Z
Cupid V
and Heureka vd Lucashoeve .

Harly van d’Abdijhoeve
Billy Dinero
Clarissa 134
Bandolero 51
Tip Top One
and Breaker des Hazalles jumped at 1m45 level.

Final score?

Eight 1m60 horses, nine 1m50 horses and eight 1m45 horses brings us to 25/43. This means a score of 58%, which is slightly better than 2010, but slightly less than 2011. View the results of the 5-year olds in 2012 here:

6-year-old horses

In 2012, exactly 40 combinations managed to qualify for the final. And again the finalists were top quality!

The gold went to Gangster de Longchamps and Dayro Arroyave. This SBS-approved stallion later jumped at 1m60 level with Lorenzo de Luca with whom he achieved several placings at CSIO5* level!

The silver was for another big weight: Goja 27, also known as Goya vd Begijnakker. This gelding was bred by none other than Koen Vereecke. Goja later became world famous under the saddle of Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann with whom she won the five-star Nations Cups of Barcelona, Hickstead and Sopot, among others.

The bronze medalist also jumped at the highest level later on: Marlon Modolo Zanotelli set the fastest time in the jump-off in 2012 with Carthagena 6, but unfortunately saw a bar rolling out of the cups. Later the gray mare jumped under the saddle of Toshiki Masui with whom she participated at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon.

Fourth place went to Bugatti VDL. He jumped in Lanaken with John Popely but later broke through at 1m60 level under the American lady rider Candice King.

Caruso 472 also jumped at the highest level. He finished fifth in 2012 under the saddle of Christian Ahlmann and later jumped at 1m60 level with Jennifer Kocher, Jos Verlooy, James Chawke and Lucy Davis. In addition, Caruso 472 was already a 2011 World Championship finalist as a five-year-old.

And further… 1m60

Check Picobello Z (with Eric Lamaze)
Hello M’Lady (with Scott Brash)
Verdi vd Withoeve Z (with Patrik Spits)
Con Quidam RB (with Sanne Thijssen)
H&M Cue Channa 42 (with Malin Baryard-Johnsson)
MHS Going Global (with Greg Patrick Broderick)
Conjurer (with Mohammad Hossein Mokarinejad)
Brilexo (with Carlos Eduardo Motta Ribas)
Gayatri van ‘t Welthof (with Vincenzo Chimirri)
Chaqui Z (with Shane Sweetnam)
Balou de Coeur Joye (with Lorenzo de Luca)

Anaya Ste Hermelle
SL Brazonado
Caluna’s Cacharel Z
Auburn des Rosiers
Brugal VDL
Syrtha Ste Hermelle
Carlot 5
Okidoki van ‘t Gelutt Z
Havinga’s Balando

Cafe’s Champus
Amethyste du Grand Moustier
Bronson de Reve
Sambuka de Lurberri
VDL Groep Cyrano Z
S L I Byron
Gotile Horta

Che Chin, SLI Byron, Brugal VDL, Chaqui Z, Verdi vd Withoeve Z, Hello M’Lady, Cafe’s Champus, Caruso 472 and Belrose participated in the final in 2011 as well as in 2012.

Final score?

Nine finalists already participated in the finals in 2011, sixteen 1m60 jumpers, nine 1m50 jumpers and eight 1m45 jumpers brings us to a score of 33/40, making 2012 the best year among the 6-year-old finalists! View the results of the 6-year olds in 2012 here:

7-year-old horses

The 2011 final for 7-year-old horses was of an unprecedented level: no less than 33 of the 35 finalists jumped at 1m45 level or higher! How would 2012 score?

The gold was for the German Florian Meyer zu Hartum with Chacciana. This mare is, as her name suggests, a daughter of Chacco-Blue. She was one of two double clear combinations in 2012. Later she competed in Young Rider Nations Cups under Christopher Kläsener before she was sold to the Turkish Oguz Damlis. Eventually she got stuck at 1m45 level.

Curley Sue 39 and Rene Tebbel were the only other combination that managed to stay double clear in the final which meant that she effortlessly took home the silver. Lana (by Ladinos), the mother of Curley Sue 39, is in turn a half-sister of none other than Noltes Küchengirl (by Lord Z), who was seen at the highest level with Marcus Ehning. Curley Sue 39 herself did less well in international sport. She never jumped higher than 1m45 level but managed to classify herself several times with the Czech Ales Opatrny and Anna Kellnerová.

Bronze was for the Dutchman Mathijs van Asten and AD Argos. This son of Padinus later successfully jumped at 1m60 level with different riders! Both Brazilians Doda de Miranda and Pedro de Andrade Costa jumped World Cups with the gelding, as did Saudi Arabian Abdullah Waleed Alsharbatly. AD Argos won many international classes, including the CSI2* Grand Prix of St. Tropez!

Fourth place was for the famous stallion Arezzo VDL. Under the saddle of Jessica Kürten, he won many hearts, even at the highest five-star level! Together they won the CSI3* Grand Prix of Odense and also the 1m50 class during CSI5* ‘s Hertogenbosch. Under the saddle of Jur Vrieling, the chestnut stallion was also good for several victories, such as during CSI5* -W London-Olympia.

Fifth place went to Germany again. Patrick Döller and Chalanda finished the first round with one time penalty, but that did not stop Chalanda from breaking through at 1m60 level under the saddle of Philip Houston. Together they jumped the Global Champions Tours of Madrid, Paris, Chantilly, Estoril,… and won several U25 classes.

But of course it didn’t stop there. Do you remember these finalists?

Chadino (with Simon Delestre)
Virtuose d’Hyrencourt (with Therese Søhol Henriksen)
Anatevka (with Susanna Granroth)
Falco van de Clehoeve (with Francois Mathy Jr.)
Fortis Fortuna (with Daniel Coyle)
Forlap (with Grégory Wathelet)
Rabane de Sury (with Omer Karaevli)
Fine Fleur du Marais (with Cassio Rivetti)
Cayles (with Felix Hassmann)
Chacco Boy (with Szabolcs Krucso)
Fananka A (with Oak Sato)
Arc de Triomphe (with Frank Schuttert)
For Joy van ‘t Zorgvliet (with Kevin Staut)
Cassinja (with Alison Robitaille)
Freestyler (with Jonna Ekberg)
Citizenguard Million Dreams (with Rodrigo Pessoa)
Finess Royal (with Ludovic Gaudin)
Living the Dream (with Pius Schwizer)

Fleur van Loo
Luce del Castegno
Ronaldo de la Pomme
Cornet’s Prinz

Koh I Noor
Burggirl DC
Vargas de Ste-Hermelle
Filline van de Veldhoek
Catalina 27
For Europe
Canon ASK
Cilian 2
Cum Laude 5
Fine Fleur du Marais, Arc de Triomphe, For Joy van ‘t Zorgvliet, Ronaldo de la Pomme, Finess Royal, Canon ASK, Cum Laude 5 and Chalanda also participated in the final in 2011.

Final score?

Eight of the 41 finalists jumped the final for 6- and 7-year-olds. Twenty-one 1m60 horses, four 1m50 horses and fourteen 1m45 horses. Just like in 2011, we note a monster score of no less than 39 of the 41 horses that jumped 1m45 or higher! View the results of the 7-year olds in 2012 here.