World-famous author Dan Brown’s ex-wife Blythe Brown has accused her former spouse of having an affair with Dutch horse trainer Judith Pietersen in a lawsuit she filed on June 29th in New Hampshire.

Pietersen met the couple in 2013 when she arrived in the US to train their horses. The dressage trainer, who specializes in Friesian horses, according to her website, is in her 20s; Brown, 56, apparently showered her with lavish gifts as the relationship developed including a two-horse trailer, a car, and horses one reportedly a prize-winning stallion named LimiTed Edition worth nearly $350,000 in addition to paying for her training services.

The Browns wed in 1997 and divorced in 2018 after Dan confessed he wanted to separate because they had “grown apart.” Blythe learned of the affair with their horse trainer one of many alleged indiscretions by her former husband after their $150 million divorce was finalized. She accuses her ex-husband of misrepresenting their assets and using funds from their joint accounts to finance his activities for his “sordid affairs” with his mistresses.

Pietersen told the UK news outlet Mail Online “This is a private matter between Dan Brown and Blythe Brown. It’s not up to me but rather the judge in America to comment. I’m not a party in this lawsuit and I would appreciate that my privacy be respected.”

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