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Florida Winter Prep

Last week Solo proved that he is a grown up horse. On the Tuesday and the Wednesday I rode him in the Pat Burgess Clinic – he was absolutely wonderful and managed to comply with all my requests, whether badly or well requested! He turned, he ju
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A Tour of the Property

This last week both Selena and I were at Virginia for the CCI**. It’s not that often throughout the year that we are both away for more than a day. Previously, Solo has often had time off while we are both gone, but he is older now and his work
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Saudi Spring? Not so fast

The equestrian world is buzzing with the news that Saudi Arabia’s first female Olympic athlete spoke at the IOC World Conference on Women and Sport in LA ten days ago. The FEI issued a press release on the remarkable impact made by 20 year old
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World of Warcraft, Welly World Edition

You would think that folks who spend their days riding around inside a rectangular arena with sandy footing would have learned the first rule of playground etiquette – getting along in the sandbox. But they haven’t. And apparently neither have th
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Here I Go Again!

Greetings from my brand new blog, brought to you by Horse Sport International on its exciting new website. Some of you already know me from my blog Straight-Up, which can be found at But for those of you who are fami
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A Tale of Woe

I know it’s been a long time since I sent anything to the blog, my excuse is a lengthy tale of woe. On Aug 31 I was flying to Tampa to look for a barn to to lease in Ocala for the winter months. Solo is going South this year…lucky Solo