Life is full of choices we all have to make. There are times when those choices are easy and are made without hesitation, and then there are those fuelled by tears and pain that are forced upon you.

Lori Shaw knows about painful choices, but she also knows about determination, second chapters and pivoting. The former owner/operator of Sunbridge Equestrian had to make the tough choices while recovering from injury, but they’ve led to a new career as a freelance coach who is just as driven as ever to help students succeed.

Lori learned how to communicate her knowledge with some help early on, and has never stopped her quest for improvement. She got into horses early on and did whatever she had to in order to make them part of her life ‒ she’s showing that same can-do attitude now.

There is a lot to learn from this episode and from Lori Shaw’s story. You can find Lori on Facebook to find out more about her coaching services.

Listen to the episode here.