Hitting Your Stride is about sharing stories with great energy behind them, and what better way to celebrate the 50th episode than to talk with Laura Fournier of Annie Jay Equestrian. If you don’t get inspired by Laura’s story and enthusiasm, then you need to check yourself for a pulse!

Laura Fournier.

After giving birth to twins, Laura wanted to get back in the saddle again and resume riding… only to find that none of her riding gear fit any more. And when she realized that nothing was going to fit, she hit bottom. But when she hit bottom, the bounce back began right then; instead of letting the situation keep her down, Laura threw herself into designing equestrian clothing that would not only fit her but others like her … and not like her, too.

Tracey and Laura cross off a lot of topics on the list: resilience, goal chasing, starting from nothing and building it into something, and the willingness to be open and listen to those who can really help. For a woman who wasn’t sure she wanted to ever throw her leg over a horse again after her first time riding, Laura Fournier has blazed herself an amazing trail. The podcast covers her life before Annie Jay Equestrian, and it opens a window into the future as Laura looks to continue changing her life and the lives of others with her ever-evolving vision.

Annie Jay Equestrian can be found online at www.anniejayequestrian.ca, as well as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Those wanting to get in touch with Laura Fournier can reach out to her at (416) 557-5436. Listen to the podcast here: