When was the last time you faced adversity and how did you handle it? Did it change how you see your life and how you live day-to-day, or did you just chalk it up to ‘lessons learned’ and move on?

For Megan Robinson, she’s been meeting adversity head-on most of her life … and she’s now the one dishing out the lessons because of how she’s handled it.

Megan is the owner of The Movement Connection, where she is a Movement Specialist and Pilates instructor specializing in neuromuscular training, rehabilitation and biomechanics of riding for equestrians. That is made all the more impressive when she shares the story of how she’s arrived at this point in her life: three kidney transplants with multiple complications that have resulted in several chronic illnesses — including Guillian-Barre Syndrome that left her paralyzed in hospital for three months at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. But none of that has stopped her from living her life, as she shares with Tracey Mitchell the stories of her attachment to her horse, Golden Boy, her dogs and her work.

All horse people can relate to the need to connect with their horse and get back on to make things feel right in their world, and Megan is no exception as she candidly jokes about telling her nurses of her desire to get back out riding not long after her latest transplant despite being advised it could be more than a year before that would happen. She talks about the yin and yang of her life, her thoughts on her place in the much bigger universal picture, how therapy helped her deal with life and processing the trauma associated with her experiences, and how she was able to find her warrior spirit when she needed it most.

On the other side, Megan has turned her passion for horses and their riders into a growing business that has rooted itself in the equestrian industry as riders become more in tune with themselves, their bodies and the connections with their horses. She can be found online at www.themovementconnection.ca, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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