In her own words, Claire is living her little girl dream every day.

Claire Hunter.

Joining Tracey for this episode of ‘Hitting Your Stride’ is Braecrest Farm’s owner/operator/trainer/breeder Claire Hunter. The young equine lover and entrepreneur is making a name for herself and Braecrest Farm with her unique way of training younger horses, gaining the trust of some of the industry’s big names in helping get their youngsters’ feet on the ground the right way.

Claire tells Tracey about the joys and the tragedies that come with being a horse breeder and how that means you can’t really appreciate the joys until you’ve felt the sting of loss; about how she relies on her intuition when it comes to every horse she works with; and perhaps most importantly her passionate advocacy for horses ‒ their mindset, their needs and their feelings, and how she gives them a voice when they need it. And then she shows her nurturing side when talking about horses being horses and the importance of caring for their needs.

For someone as dedicated to her work as she is, Claire says that self-care is important but for the most part her job has never felt like work to her … except for those long days slinging manure around the fields. She talks about the significance of those closest to her ‒ her mom and the Braecrest Farm staff ‒ and about making sure to celebrate as you go because it’s about the journey and not just the destination.

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