Tracey Mitchell is joined on this episode of Hitting Your Stride by the modern-day Dr. Dolittle herself, Meg Vickell, as she opens up about her path to becoming a well-known animal communicator.

A woman hugging a dog.Meg doesn’t waste time, diving into her passion by telling us that all animals speak the love language of the heart and that all humans are wired to intuitively hear them as long as they use and flex that muscle. She goes over her early days as an animal communicator and how she slowly built her skills and business by working on it and spending the time reading thousands of animals along the way.

When it comes to horses and how equestrian athletes can build a better relationship with their partners, Meg has some simple advice: listen more and be open to hearing. She acknowledges the playful nature of horses but points out they’re capable of shaking things up unlike most other animals.

It’s taken a lot of focus on where she’s felt valued to tune out the extra noise while following her path, but it’s afforded her a window to the world very few get to look through. As she says about horses – something that can be applicable to most things in life – you get what you need and not what you want.

Meg Vickell can be found online at as well as on social media.

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