In response to the threat of multiple wildfires burning throughout the province, Alberta has declared a provincial state of emergency to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of Albertans. Emergency responders are working around the clock to keep people safe and reduce the threat to homes and infrastructure.

The Government of Alberta Emergency Management Services has asked the Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) to create an ‘Emergency Help’ directory connecting equine owners in need with those who can help. You are being contacted because you graciously indicated you would help in the case of a local or provincial emergency involving equines when you purchased your 2023 membership..

The directory will be posted on our website and shared through social media. The government will also direct equine owners to the directory, however, we will not share your information without your consent. If you do consent to having your information and available assistance shared for those in need, please fill out this form. Additional information is required within the form, and from this information we will create the directory.

As an individual AEF member, your insurance coverage includes personal liability which also includes coverage for legal liability arising from the non-commercial transport / incidental care, custody, and control of up to three non-owned horses (transport, emergency boarding, etc.). The liability limit for care, custody, and control is $10,000 per horse, or $50,000 per incident. Please note, however, should you choose to charge a fee for transport, emergency boarding, etc., this policy would NOT apply as it then becomes a ‘commercial’ situation.

If you could please provide the information required as soon as possible, we will be able to get the directory up and live for those who so desperately need it. Should you wish to have your information removed at any time, please email me at [email protected] and we will ensure it is removed.

AEF will not be coordinating transport of feed or horses, so it will be directly between those who need help and those who offered help to coordinate any interaction.

Thank you so much for opening your heart to our horses! They need your help.

~ Sonia Dantu, Executive Director, AEF