The FEI Tribunal says that evidence provided “throughout” the proceedings against US jumper Andy Kocher demonstrated to its “comfortable satisfaction” that he had used electric spurs over a prolonged period, and that their use “was deliberate, methodical, repetitive and on numerous horses” both in competition and training.

Last week the FEI announced Kocher had been suspended for 10 years in a brief press statement about the operative part of the award. The full written reasoning for the Tribunal decision has yet to be published, but today (April 28th) it released the text of the operative award, giving a little more information.

The Tribunal was also satisfied Kocher breached numerous FEI general regulations – Article 142, abuse of horses; 164.12(a), incorrect behaviour; 164.12(b), abuse of horses; 164.12(c), acts defined as criminal by the national law and/or Swiss law ; 164.12(g), conduct that brings the FEI and/or equestrian sport into disrepute; 164.12(i) breach of the FEI Code of Conduct on the Welfare of the Horse; and 164.12 (j), breach of the FEI Code on the Manipulation of Competitions.

Cesar Torrente, who chaired the three-member Tribunal panel, emphasized this was a unanimous decision.

Kocher has already announced his intention to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The time to Appeal does not begin to run until receipt of the written, reasoned Decision.