The continues to grow as world-wide demand for showjumping horses is extremely high. This resulted in many purchases on Tuesday night June 1st, when the 5-year-old Lady Obolensky (Cornet Obolensky x Lasino) set the auction record, selling for 45,000 euro. The grey mare, who will move to Belgium, earned last year’s highest score at the KWPN mare inspection in IJsselmuiden.

This time Mario Everse and Alan Waldman had their auction horses sold to countries including Canada, USA, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Bulgary, Romania, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain and the Netherlands. For 18,000 euro, Nardilavasca Keizersberg (Comme il Faut x Zirocco Blue VDL), a 2018 KWPN mare from the Fortuna line, was sold to undisclosed Canadian interests. Two other horses, the grey 2018 BWP stallion Springsteen (Diarado x Acorado I) and the grey three-year-old BWP mare Souplesse-K Van Kattenheye (Otard van ’t Roosakker x Dulf van den Bisschop) were also sold to Canada.

Nardilavasca Keizersberg (left) and Souplesse-K Van Kattenheye.


“We can look back at a good auction. We saw that there is a high demand for this kind of horses and that motivates us to continue with this format. There is a breeding auction planned for this summer, but we will offer less foals than we did last year. We consider ourselves genuine sportmen and auctioning youngsters whose showjumping ability can be shown suits us better. You know how they jump, they have been X-rayed and their height is known. In short, far more information than when you sell a foal. That little bit of security is appreciated by our clients.” will hold an auction every first Tuesday of the month; the 12th edition will take place from July 3-6. Owners and breeders can offer the 2-year-old and older showjumping horses for the selection days on June 21-22, when the photos and videos are uploaded for the online presentation of the auction horses.