The Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF) is announcing a new commitment to and focus on, the equestrian experience for 2016 and beyond. As part of this evolution they will be moving to enhance the riding experience of all Ontarians regardless of age or skill level. They will deliver relevant and meaningful programs through opportunities that they are planning strategically from the grass roots though to high performance. The OEF will deliver excellence through alignment with the Ontario Government and its GameON Sport Plan as well as the Canadian Sport for Life, Long Term Athlete Development Plan (LTAD), which outlines a rider’s development pathway.

This growth in support of members will be driven by the recently completed Lead Change Strategic Plan. This wide ranging and inclusive planning process has brought together a full picture of what is realistic and expected of the organisation. Providing development skills and education by drawing on the experience of members, and affiliations with Equine Canada, Equine Provincial Service Organisations across the country, and industry professionals; this plan will produce winning results for all who participate.

In concert with, and aligned to this new vision, the OEF is announcing a streamlined organizational structure as follows:

Moving forward the OEF will focus all resources on rider development and on an increased connection with Equine Canada. Programming staff will have access to the resources they require to achieve these goals and realize the new vision of the OEF.


For more information, contact Dominique Bosshart Executive Director OEF at or by phone at (613) 402-7499.