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2017 OEF Youth Bursary Recipients

The Ontario Equestrian Federation is pleased to help five junior members reach their equestrian goals with $1,000 each from OEF Youth Bursary program.
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OEF Welcomes New Directors to the Board

The Nominations Committee of the OEF Board is delighted to announce that we have three outstanding candidates for the three Director at Large positions that were created as a result of the new Bylaws voted in by the Membership in June 2016. These positions are the first in a three year transition process designed to […]
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More Changes at OEF

After just three months as Executive Director, the Ontario Equestrian Federation has announced that Dominique Bosshart is no longer with the organization.
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OEF to Focus on Long Term Development

The Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF) is announcing a new commitment to and focus on, the equestrian experience for 2016 and beyond. As part of this evolution they will be moving to enhance the riding experience of all Ontarians regardless of age or skill level. They will deliver relevant and meaningful programs through opportunities that they are planning strategically […]

New Guide to Coach Certification

Becoming a certified coach just got a bit easier thanks to A Guide to Coach Certification, a new handbook launched by the Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF). The new guide is designed to make the certification process easily understandable to coach candidates, helping them navigate the requirements to become certified. “We’re experiencing an increased interest in […]
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2016 OEF Youth Bursary Recipients

The Ontario Equestrian Federation is pleased to help five junior members reach their equestrian goals by presenting them with $1,000 each through the OEF Youth Bursary program. Each year the Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF) distributes a minimum of five $1,000 bursaries to youth based on their involvement with horses, their future goals, as well as […]
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New Course Design Clinic for Coaches and Riders

The Ontario Equestrian Federation is introducing a new course design clinic on Oct. 10 & 11 geared not only towards course design candidates, but also coaches and athletes. The new course design clinic will incorporate the basic principles of course design, but will also address the needs of coaches and athletes. The updated program will […]
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New OEF Board of Directors

The Ontario Equestrian Federation is pleased to welcome its new board of directors following the annual general meeting and election, which took place last evening at Mohawk Raceway in Campbellville. Executive Committee: Mark Nelson – President Marc Nicols – 1st Vice President Kimberley Blease – 2nd Vice President Valerie Shipp – Treasurer Tracey Evans – […]