The foals are here! – This time of year is always exciting at Spruce Meadows. Spruce Meadows is thrilled to unveil the arrival of this year’s four-legged editions. The team has now welcomed four new foals to Team Spruce Meadows, each with it’s own unique personality. These beautiful foals will be part of the 2020 edition of Spruce Meadows Name the Foal, presented by TELUS. This year the contest will be run solely online with our media teams bringing you virtual updates on the foals, and the winners of the contest will receive a cash prize and unique keepsake.

In recognition of Spruce Meadows 45th Anniversary, the rules for naming the foals will be changing. This year, Spruce Meadows will be selecting the letters for naming the foals based on inspiration from Spruce Meadows and its history.

Let’s meet our babies!

Foal #1‘s name will have to start with the letter “W” inspired by the original Spruce Meadows stallion, Wodka (or Young Wolfsburg as he was known at Spruce Meadows). This beautiful Hannoverian stallion helped to introduce the breed to Canada. He was part of the foundation of what is now the Spruce Meadows Breeding Program.

Born April 12, 2020, Easter Sunday, this little colt was the first Spruce Meadows foal of the year. Right away the little guy took to people. Not one to shy away, he’s figured out that people give the best neck scratches. While he was born quite dark in colour, his dad, Spruce Meadows stallion Doremi, is grey and this little guy will likely take on that colour later on.



Foal #2‘s name will need to start with the letter “A” inspired by Spruce Meadows Riding Master, Albert Kley. Albert’s passion for horses brought him to Canada as a young man. He never intended to settle down in Canada, but Spruce Meadows co-founder Ron Southern convinced him. Albert brought with him knowledge and skills that would be passed on to all of his students and help create what is now the Spruce Meadows Horse Program. He was responsible for the development of many National Team horses and riders.

Born April 24, 2020, the second foal of the year is also a colt and has the same sire as Foal #1. Unlike his sibling, he’s a little more timid and prefers to stay a little closer to mom. Mom is Spruce Meadows mare Skyline, who always produces great looking foals. This is her 4th baby. He was born chestnut in colour but may grey out as he ages as dad is the grey stallion Doremi.


We felt it only appropriate that Foal #3 have a name that starts with the letter “S”. Keeping with tradition of past years, her father is Spruce Meadows Hannoverian stallion Spot Cash and we want her name to be inspired by Spruce Meadows and the Southern Family. Spruce Meadows was the dream of a family to bring an unlikely sport to an unlikely place and give young Canadian riders a chance to compete successfully against the world’s best. Since the inception of Spruce Meadows, Canadian riders have gone on to be some of the best in the world with wins and top placings in various international competitions and championships.

A real Mother’s Day gift, Foal #3 was born on May 10, 2020 and is the first filly (girl) of the foals this year. She is easily recognizable with her big white blaze that mimics the markings of her father, Spruce Meadows stallion Spot Cash.


BONUS! This year we have a fourth foal to add as an additional bonus entry for the Name the Foal contest, presented by TELUS. Her name will need to start with the letter “M” inspired by Spruce Meadows co-founder Marg Southern. Mrs. Southern has had unmatched influence and passion shaping Spruce Meadows into what it is today. Her motto “the coffee pot is always on” brings a warm feeling to Spruce Meadows and guests always fell like family.

Foal #4 was born the beginning of the Victoria Day long weekend on May 16, 2020. She is a beautiful big girl with bright eyes and a sweet personality. Her father is Doremi and her mom is the lovely Cate H.

The contest will launch on June 2, 2020 and run until August 28, 2020. Winners will be announced in September 2020. Stay tune in to all our social channels for more information.