Andrew Kocher added another victory to his collection on July 30, with a win in the Modified Grand Prix as he made it clear, in the last two weeks, that he was a fierce competitor at the 2016 International Bromont.

Eight Pairs Make Jump-Off
The demanding course, designed by Guilherme Jorge, proved to be a challenge for the 31 horse and rider combinations who competed in the class. Eight riders brought their horses to the jump-off, including Ali Wolff, who finished second in the FEI Assante Classic on July 29, Quebec’s David Arcand and Laurie Bucci, Charlie Jacobs, as well as Andrew Kocher, who finished third in the Modified Grand Prix on July 23.

Jonathan McCrea was the first to execute a clear round, and it is only the eighteenth competitor on the course, Charlie Jacobs (USA) forced a jump-off as the second rider to clear the track. They were later joined by Andrew Kocher, Ali Wolff and Liubov Kochetova. The last clear rounds were consecutively completed by Ashley James and David Arcand, while Laurie Bucci was the last one to get to the second round.

Andrew Kocher Takes the Lead
Jonathan McCrea established the reference time at 41.58 seconds; however a bar down left the door open to the other riders. Charlie Jacobs executed a second clear round in 41.60 seconds with Quality Time TN, but Andrew Kocher, a fan of speed, took the lead in just 38.95 seconds, staying unbeaten at the end of the jump-off.

Concluding Sunday
The International Bromont ends Sunday with the presentation, at 2:30 p.m. of the Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping Bromont. The event will be broadcast live on FEI TV.

Team Middle America Grabs Team Cup
The Middle America team of Julia Chartier, Ashley Pace, Sara Dees and Andrew Kocher won the second edition of the National Bank Team Cum at the 2016 International Bromont.

A Successful Second Edition
Six teams were registered in this event, including The Mane Attraction with Brianna Ballard, a member of 2015 winning team in the ranks.

At the end of the first two rounds, The Mane Attraction was ahead with two clear rounds and a time of 113.19 seconds, closely followed by team Middle America.

The Purple Power Girls clock in the best time (108.58 seconds), but incurred 4 penalty points, as did Team Bélanger (111.80 seconds).

Third Round is Key
Middle America earned another clear round, while The Mane Attraction incurred 8 penalty points. Team Bucci Army added 4 penalty points and Team Bélanger 12 points.

All is Played in Fourth Round
The fourth changed everything. While Team Middle America has three clear rounds, their combined time was higher, and as only the three best results count, there was a possibility that another team could take the lead.

The Mane Attraction needed a clear round and a quick time to take the lead. On the Purple Power Girls’ side, a clear round is essential to beat both leading teams. Team Bucci Army and Bélanger were lagging behind, with 4 penalty points each.

Middle America was the only team to get 4 clear rounds, closely followed by The Mane Attraction. The best time went to the Purple Power Girls, who tok third place because of penalty points.

Bruno Delgrange Challenge Ends this Weekend
Bruno Delgrange, a partner of the International Bromont for a number of years, is happy to support the development of the sport and its athletes with the Bruno Delgrange Challenge, rewarding junior and amateur riders who accumulate the highest number of points in the 1.20m and 1.20m classes. The winner of the 1.10m division will receive a Bruno Delgrange bridle while the winner of the 1.20m division will receive a saddle, courtesy of Bruno Delgrange.

As of today, the three riders leading in each division are:

In the 1.10m division: Stéphanie Bourassa and Whisper-O are in first place with 15 points, in second place are Ariane Gosselin and Karma 3E with 14 points and Florence Gosselin and Opus One are in third place with 10 points.

In the 1.20m division, there is a tie for first place between Mackenzie Wray and Castor, and Sabrina Lefebvre and Qualifying, both with 9 points. There is also a tie for third place between riders Alexandre Gonzalez on Allegria, Coraline Thibault on Nature des Pierres and Sabrina Lefebvre on Wedding Day.

The conclusion of the Bruno Delgrange Challenge will take place on Sunday in the international ring where prizes will be presented by reprentatives, just before the Longines FEI World CupTM North American League.