American rider Samantha Kasowitz won the Modified Grand Prix event on Saturday with Charlie in the second week of the International Bromont.

A convoluted course

The course, designed by Canadian Michel Vaillancourt, meant that the rider-horse pairs had to use the entire ring: with a time allowed of 78 seconds, 13 obstacles for 15 efforts, time was a factor in this Modified Grand Prix at 1.45 m.

The short turn towards the third obstacle, an oxer, as well the triple combination halfway through were two decisive tests for qualifying to the jump-off. Of the 21 pairs participating, only seven made it to the second round, and only three were able to execute a double clear round.

Chernoff Takes CET Medal

Ten riders took part in the Canadian Equestrian Team Medal class which ended today’s activities in the International ring. Rider Nyah Chernoff, on her mount Coco, won the red ribbon.

Conclusion Sunday

The International Bromont will conclude with the presentation of the CSI3* Grand Prix at 2:30 Sunday afternoon. Close to 30 pairs will start in this event, sanctioned by the FEI (Fédération Équestre Internationale).

Modified Grand Prix

1. Samantha Kasowitz (USA) / Charlie 0-0, 35.17
2. Mario Deslauriers (CAN) / Cherry Pop 0-0, 36.41
3. Jonathan McCrea (USA) / Fernando H 0-0, 37.81
4. Catherine Tyree (USA) / BEC Lorenzo 0-4, 35.97
5. Cormac Hanley (IRL) / Captain Caruso 0-4, 36.66
6. Jonathan McCrea (USA) / Fantasy BB 0-4, 38.33
7. Christine McCrea (USA) / Jarcobond van Den Oude Eik 0-8, 41.52
8. Schuyler Riley (USA) Conthacco (USA) 1, 79.45
9. Tomas Yofre (ARG) / Fantasy 4, 72.61
10. Elissa Reisman (CAN) / Citizenguard Cadjanine Z 4, 74.34

CET Medal presented by Burkman Capital

1. Nyah Chernoff / Coco
2. Olivia Seshadri / Brooklyn
3. Vanessa Krohn / Belvedere
4. Beatrice Daviault / Lia
5. Kennedy Ballard / Nite Air
6. Marie-Claire Murphy / Quack Attack
7. Alyson St-Pierre / Beaulieu’s Cous Cous
8. Ludovic Richer / Outsider de Grandry