The FEI has informed the German Equestrian Federation of a positive drug test from the FEI European Eventing Championship in Strzegom, Poland. Julia Krajewski’s horse Samourai du Thot tested positive for Firocoxib which has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect and is a Controlled Medication Substance, but is not a Banned substance (doping) under the FEI’s Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations (EADCMRs). Controlled Medication substances are those that are regularly used to treat horses, but which must have been cleared from the horse’s system by the time of competition. The FN has requested the opening of the B-sample. The result is still pending. If the B-sample is also positive, the German team must return their silver medal.

Samourai du Thot was tested in Strzegom on 20 August, the last day of the European Championship, after having won the team silver medal. Independently of FEI and Championship, the National Anti-Doping Agency NADA had also taken a sample of the horse in the course of an unannounced random out-of-competition testing in Warendorf shortly after the return from Poland. In mid-September NADA informed the German Olympic Committee for Equestrian Sports (DOKR) about the presence of the substance Firocoxib that was not documented in the horse’s Medication Log Book. This raised concerns that the pending FEI medication control might also reveal the presence of the substance. As soon as the result of the NADA control was received, the DOKR immediately heard Julia Krajewski on how the substance could have entered her horse. The enquiries have not yet revealed an explanation however.

Formally after release of the B-sample-result Julia Krajewski can decide within 21 days of notification whether she accepts an administrative sanction or requests a hearing before the FEI Tribunal. The administrative sanction would entail a fine of 1,500 CHF and administrative costs of 2,000 CHF but no competition ban. ”A hearing before the Tribunal only makes sense if Julia Krajewski can prove how the substance has gotten into the horse“, Prof. Dr. Jens Adolphsen, Chef d’Equipe of the German Eventing riders and former longtime Chair of the FEI Tribunal, explains. ”In the case of a positive B-sample, it is unavoidable that her individual result will be scratched and the team silver medal returned because that is what the international rules provide for in such a positive medication case, no matter of guilt or innocence.”

“I am devastated about the news of the positive medication control of Samurai du Thot, especially because I still cannot find any explanatory approach and the consequences of a positive B-sample would not only concern me personally”, Julia Krajewski says. ”If we had to return the silver medal, I would be incredibly sorry for my whole team. My biggest concern is that we have to return our silver medal. In that case, I would be incredibly sorry for my team-mates. Of course neither I nor anybody from my personal environment have given this substance. Being part of the German team that traveled to Strzegom as one of the favorites, I was aware that it would be very likely that my horse would be tested at the Championship. I fully back our system of doping prevention and I am absolutely aware of my responsibility and my duty of care in dealing with this subject. Therefore I have to continue searching intensively for an explanation, in the interest of the team as well as in my own interest.”

Further to this press release, Julia Krajewski uses her social media channels to comment on this case in detail and explains what results her enquiries have brought so far.