Ottawa, ON—Election results are in for the 2008 Dressage Canada Board of Directors, with the election generating voter turnout from across the country.

Dressage Canada Nominations Committee received six nominees for the four open positions on the 2008 Dressage Canada Board. Dressage Canada welcomes Kerri McGregor, Elizabeth McMullen, Claire Milton and Sue Rothgeb to the Board of Directors. These individuals will take office as of January 1, 2008.

Annaliese Farber is named as the Athlete Representative with Evi Strasser as the alternate athlete representative. The alternate athlete representative is a new position to ensure there is always athlete representation on the DC Board. This position was established by the 2007 DC Board as a result of requests from athletes and situations that arose where the athlete representative, due to possible conflict or time restraints, was unable to attend meetings or give input as needed. The Alternate athlete representative will fill-in if the primary athlete representative is unable to be present. 

CADORA will appoint their member (non-voting) to the 2008 DC Board.

Come and meet these new directors that you, the membership, have elected at the Dressage Canada Reception being held 5:30pm – 8:00pm Thursday November 8th at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

The 2008 Dressage Canada Board of Directors are:

Kerri McGregor (2008-2010)

Elizabeth McMullen (2008-2009)

Claire Milton (2008-2009)

Judith Pineault (2007-2009)

Sue Rothgeb (2008-2009)

Cara Whitham (2006-2009)

Annaliese Farber (Athlete representative)

Evi Strasser (alternate Athlete representative)

CADORA representative to be appointed by CADORA

Dressage Canada thanks all members and candidates who took part in this election and contributed to its success including the Nominating Committee of Judith Pineault, Ali Buchanan and Joanna Crilly as well as Jane Tidball who acted as scrutineer.

Dressage Canada is governed by a Board of seven persons, elected-at-large by its membership. Elections are held on a yearly basis.