Since the start of in the middle of the first Coronavirus lockdown several hundreds of showjumping horses, foals and broodmares were sold via the online platform from Alan Waldman and Mario Everse.

Dec. 21: Dothan Z sold to Panama for €65,000

“Alan Waldman and I have sold horses all over the world, but Panama was not on our list yet,” says Everse. After fierce bidding against Polish clients, the three-year-old Dothan Z (Diamant de Semilly x Indoctro x Goodtimes) was knocked down on Monday night via for the impressive sum of €65,000 to go to the country between Costa Rica and Colombia. “We immediately called the new owner to congratulate him. He bought Dothan for his wife and wants him flown over to Panama.”

The qualities of the chestnut gelding Dothan Z were soon discovered by the website visitors of, but also other young showjumping horses received good offers. Only one went to a Dutch buyer. The others are going abroad, five of them to Poland.

The 3-yr-old gelding Dothan Z (Diamant de Semilly x Indoctro) was sold for 65,000 euro to Panama. (Foto Digishots)


A Polish bidder who had already bought several showjumping foals last summer via this auction with which the new owner is very pleased and now invested in four young talents: the KWPN-referred stallion Mix P (by Ibolensky) for €36,000, Mustang (by El Salvador) for €26,000, Maestro (by Emerald) for €24,000 and Nono Z (by Niack de L’Abbay) for €15,000.

Other lots went to the USA, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Austria, Germany and Canada. Jake Hunter, the Australian rider at Alan Waldman’s, bought the quality mare Matricia (by Inaico VDL).

“The auction ran well! It is, of course, important to get good prices, because the next time even better horses will be offered. We have demonstrated that we can provide the clients. And then a good horse will sell itself. An impressive video helps, as well. You have to have some luck on the video day, because they jump as they do. No tricks. Several foreigners told me that they deeply appreciate the auction. We have realistic prices and the horses are what they are, so they will not disappoint when they reach their new stables. Their story has to be right and we do our best to this end,” Everse explains.


Dec. 22: Record price for 8-year-old

The end of the first auction year was celebrated with a record price of €95,000. After a fierce bidding duel between Canada and the USA, the 8-yr-old Magic-Belle van’t Roosakker (Elvis ter Putte x Ogano Sitte) will fly to the stables of an American grand prix rider and trainer.

“When you manage to sell horses up to 95,000 euro online, you can not be anything but pleased. The day before the three-year-old Dothan Z went for 65,000 euro to Panama. We had been busy handling the requests before the auction and the website was very often visited by people from all over the world,” say the organizers.

Magic-Belle van’t Roosakker was, as an eight-year-old, one of the older horses of the auction evening. He has been (inter)nationally placed up to 1.35m level and is ready to go to the next level. “We have had a lot of fun of him, the whole family has,” says Everse, who bought him as a yearling. “Both our daughters have enjoyed riding him. They both have a horse for the higher level and that is enough. We have no ambition – once it is possible again – to ride at a high international level every weekend. And the youngsters are also coming on, which is why we brought Magic-Belle to our own auction. I hope they will be as pleased with him as we were.”

Remarkable on the Tuesday night were the many new clients buying a horse online. A total of seven horses will fly to the USA, but there were also buyers from Russia, China, Canada, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic and one stays in the Netherlands.

Two horses will leave for €55,000 euro to different stables in Canada: J’Adore Faya B (by Etoulon VDL) and Iowa B (by Action Breaker). The three-year-old already showing great talent under saddle, Mila TM (by Fly) will leave for €40,000 for Poland, as will the coloured Denzel van het Vrankenhof (by Davinci Van Erpekom Z) for €30,000 euro and Krack T (by Etoulon VDL) for €28,000. Hunter talent Lapacho (by Golden Dream) was purchased for €32,000 by a stable in the USA. A Chinese buyer paid €24,000 for Fanny Girl du Lozon (by Mylord Carthago).

“It is very gratifying to see how many people know where to find our auction. This was the seventh edition already and one thing is for sure: we will continue in 2021!” assure Waldman and Everse.