Spruce Meadows has announced that Canadian Pacific (CP) will be the new title sponsor for its highlight grand prix at the Masters in 2014. The Canadian Pacific International will set a new benchmark for the sport of show jumping, and its $1.5 Million dollar purse not only represents a dramatic increase in prize money for the best riders in the world, but the return of a sponsor with a history of incredible corporate support of Spruce Meadows.

The three-year commitment by CP to Spruce Meadows includes title sponsorship of the Canadian Pacific World Grand Prix, which is the signature event at the annual Spruce Meadows Continental Tournament each June and the Canadian Pacific International. The Canadian Pacific International will offer the largest prize money offered for a single-day event in show jumping, raising the ‘Masters’ Tournament to the richest event of its kind in the world.

“We are thrilled that CP is once again joining with Spruce Meadows to make history,” said Spruce Meadows President Linda Southern-Heathcott. “Spruce Meadows and the Canadian Pacific brand share a common history dating back nearly 40 years. In fact, CP is a cherished and founding corporate brand that has had a significant presence at Spruce Meadows since its very first tournament in June of 1976.”

“We are proud to be returning as a corporate sponsor at Spruce Meadows,” said E. Hunter Harrison, Canadian Pacific’s Chief Executive Officer. “CP is in the midst of its transformational journey to once again becoming the best railroad in North America. Part of that change is recognizing that giving back to communities and organizations such as Spruce Meadows is also good for business.”

“Prior to the start of the 2014 competition season, CP will be announcing a new charitable component of this sponsorship which will raise money for a local charity,” added Harrison. “I’d like to thank the Southern Family for agreeing to work with us on this.”

Beginning with the first Spruce Meadows competitions in 1976, Canadian Pacific Limited was present, representing its then subsidiaries, including as a sponsor of the Queen Elizabeth II Cup in its inaugural year of 1990. Through the decades, Canadian Pacific Limited, CP Air, Pan Canadian, the CPR, Fording Coal, Marathon Realty and Canadian Pacific Hotels all contributed significant content to the Spruce Meadows story and to its success on the world sport stage. Many of these companies, now independent of Canadian Pacific, continue to support Spruce Meadows today under their new banners.

For more information on Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ Tournament, please visit www.sprucemeadows.com.