The 2023 Equestrian Canada (EC) Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been set for Sept. 19, 2023 at 7 p.m. ET, and will be held via teleconference with the EC Board of Directors and the 27 EC Voting Members in attendance.

As per EC’s By-laws, the AGM follows a very specific agenda. Therefore, while the community is encouraged to tune in to the AGM via EC Facebook Livestream for viewing privileges, questions will not be fielded in real time during the AGM. However, EC encourages the Canadian equestrian community to get involved by submitting any governance-related questions in writing to the Category A, B and C Voting Members prior to the AGM via e-mail.

Questions will be accepted by the Voting Members until Sept. 11, 2023 and can be sent to the appropriate category as follows:

Category A – Equestrian Sport Disciplines

Category A Voting Members consists nine representatives from the seven Equestrian Sports Committees. The nine representatives act as a conduit for the exchange of information on matters of governance, including strategic direction and updates.

Category B – Provincial & Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSOs)

Category B Voting Members consist of nine representatives who are PTSO Presidents, elected by their provincial membership, and represent the interests of the PTSO membership at the EC governance level.

Category C – National Equine Affiliate Organizations

Category C Voting Members consist of national or regional organizations that represent a particular area of equine interest not already represented within Category A or B. The nine Category C Members are responsible for representing the interests of the breed sport and equine industry community.

Questions submitted to the EC Category A, B and C Members will be brought forward to the EC Board and answered prior to the AGM. In addition, a maximum of two questions per Category will be addressed by the EC Board during the AGM.

For more information on the EC AGM, visit here.