Bourns Supremacy Reigns Supreme at Angelstone

Andrew Bourns made it two for two this week at Angelstone’s Headwaters Cup aboard Karina Aziz’ Chacco’s Goldy, winning bot

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By: Angelstone Farms |

Andrew Bourns made it two for two this week at Angelstone’s Headwaters Cup aboard Karina Aziz’ Chacco’s Goldy, winning both Thursday night’s FEI Open Welcome and Super Saturday’s $50,000 FEI Grand Prix presented by Mar-Co Contracting.

Andrew and Chacco’s Goldy proved to be unbeatable this week, leaving Andrew thrilled with his mount. “Goldy’s a very special horse. I’m riding her for Karina Aziz while she recovers from her ankle surgery. I’m very grateful to Karina and Iron Horse Farm for the opportunity to ride such a wonderful horse. I’ve been riding her for two months now and I’m very happy with the progress she’s made. I trained with Jos Kumps recently, he’s a friend of mine from Belgium, and he helped me a lot to develop this horse. Now that I’ve built a good relationship with her she’s just getting better and better.”

Mar-Co Contracting recently upgraded Angelstone’s EEC grass ring by injecting sand onto the turf with their specialty machine the ‘sand master,’ to allow nineteen riders to compete on the newly upgraded turf.

Seven horses jumped the first round clear and were invited to contest the jump off course. Andrew Bourns beat them all, but a close second went to Erynn Ballard and Angelstone Partners’, Appy Cara in a beautiful fast, clear round.

“I was lucky to get the ride on Appy while his Keean was away competing at Spruce Meadows. It seemed to be a good match right from the start. I really believe in his ability and he seems to believe in me as well. The pressure was on last night to do well in front of the home crowd and the packed stands, and Appy really rose to the occasion. He gave me everything he had, even with one stirrup down the last line he kept all the jumps up and was amazing throughout the class. In the Jump off, it was the most I’ve asked of him in terms of speed, he kept trying and jumped his guts out. I couldn’t be more in love! I would like to thank Angelstone Partners and Keean for giving me the opportunity to ride such an incredible horse.”

Russia’s Liubov Kochetova and Balou Du Reventon also jumped double clear to round out the top three. Frieda and Ainsley Vince finished fourth with just one down in the jump off.

Thank you to our generous sponsor Mar-Co Contracting for sponsoring last night’s Super Saturday $50,000 FEI Grand Prix. It was a perfect evening of show jumping for the riders to perform in front of a packed stadium crowd. We forward look to hosting another fabulous Super Saturday at Angelstone August 23rd during the Champions Week.