After the successful launch of the Athlete Development Program at Rocky Mountain Show Jumping in Alberta, the lucrative competition will be launched in Ontario this summer.

Angelstone Tournaments has partnered with Ontario Equestrian to offer a $100,000 Rider Development Cup at their Headwaters Cup event from June 3-7.

Hosted over three days, the competition will be run in the same format as the World Equestrian Games with teams of four being accepted in five different divisions. The first day will feature a speed class, and the second day will have two Nations’ Cup rounds after which the winning team medals will be awarded. The final day will be the final individual competition with another set of medals handed out.

“I’m proud to be hosting this inaugural event in Ontario,” commented Keean White, the CEO of Angelstone Tournaments. “It’s a great way to kick off our 10th anniversary year and show our continued commitment to the sport.

“It’s important for our young riders to compete in a team atmosphere,” continued White. “They are the future of our sport and I’m proud to give them the experience they need to succeed.”

All divisions will be livestreamed and watched by the North American Young Riders Selection Committee who will use the competition as an observation event for the North American and Young Riders Championship (NAYRC).

The concept for the event was developed by John Anderson, the president of Rocky Mountain Show Jumping. The Alberta venue hosted the inaugural event this summer that paid out $150,000 to winning riders. The event was such a success that the payout has increased to $200,000 at the Mid-Sumer Classic II from July 22-26, 2020.

As NAYRC will be held two weeks following his event, Anderson recently announced that he will be donating $12,000 towards the entry for two teams at the discretion of the Young Riders Selection Committee.

“I’m proud to be part of this new athlete development program where west and east join forces to support the next generation in our sport,” said Anderson. “By working closely with our provincial equestrian federations we were able to make this happen so that $300,000 is going towards supporting youth and not just High Performance Athletes.”

“Developing the next generation of riders is a passion of mine,” Anderson continued. “I simply love the sport that has given so much to me over the years and want to do all that I can give riders the chance to enjoy the same opportunities I have.”

The $100,000 Rider Development Cup at Angelstone will be offered in five divisions:
$5,000 1.0m
$10, 000 1.10m
$20,000 1.20m
$25,000 1.30m
$40,000 1.40m