Ottawa, Ontario—The first order of business for the new 2008 Canadian Para-Equestrian Committee (CPEC) members was to elect a chairperson for 2008. 

The decision to elect Isabel Reinertson as CPEC chairperson was unanimous. Her organization, past experience and leadership are excellent assets for Para-Equestrian Canada. Reinertson, of Salmon Arm, BC, will serve as chairperson for a two-year term. Under her guidance, the CPEC anticipates a time of growth and development, which will benefit the entire Para-Equestrian community in Canada.  

“I am delighted with the organizational progress this discipline has made over the past two years.  There has been an interest in further development to include jumping and reining, so I expect either or both to become part of our competition thrust in the future,” noted Reinertson. “I am looking forward to positive results at the 2008 Paralympics in Hong Kong this September.”

Annually, it is the responsibility of the CPEC to appoint and/or ratify the subcommittee chairs. The role of the subcommittees is to develop programs and make recommendations concerning them to the CPEC. Following Committee approval, subcommittees implement programs on behalf of the Para-Equestrian community. Subcommittee members must also be members of Para-Equestrian Canada.

For 2008, the sub-committee chairs are as follows:

Athlete Development—Erin McRae

Coaching—accepting applications

Communications—Cara Hudson

Competitions—Isabel Reinertson

Driving—Sue Mott

Finance—accepting applications

High Performance—Elizabeth Robinson

Officials—Lorraine Stubbs

On behalf of Para-Equestrian Canada (PEC), the CPEC members would like to thank the dedicated subcommittee chairs for their hard work and dedication. Para-Equestrian Canada is always looking to increase and expand the membership base. Interested individuals should first become members of Para-Equestrian Canada (membership forms can be found on the PEC website) 

The following CPEC subcommittees need volunteers:

* The coaching subcommittee is seeking a committee chair. The successful candidate must be familiar with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) coaching structure and with the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), a newly completed structure that was officially launched at the 2008 Equine Canada Conference.

* The athlete development subcommittee is seeking additional members with a focus on identifying and transitioning potential riders from therapeutic riding centres to PEC.  

* The competition (and rules) subcommittee is looking for two additional committee members who have experience in competition organization and are familiar with the Equine Canada rulebooks.

* The driving subcommittee’s focus for 2008 is to increase the interest in driving in the Para community. The sub committee is also looking at the possibility of holding driving clinics to develop the skills of drivers.

* The finance subcommittee is seeking a committee chair. A successful candidate must be familiar with Excel spreadsheets ad financial accounting. This is an oversight position, since all the actual work is done at the Equine Canada office.

* The high performance subcommittee is looking to expand their membership following the 2008 Paralympics in September. Interested people should have international experience in some capacity (rider, coach or official).


Interested individuals may apply by visiting our website