I had a fabulous time with my Mom, but a week just flew by too quick. We did all sorts of horsey things together like going around to all the different tack stores. Each tack store is always different. It’s amazing all the little nifty things you can find. Best part of our horsey week was the Foal Auction in Drachten, which is the north of Holland about two hours from my house. There were about 50 foals, mainly jumping and about five dressage foals. They were all so cute. I didn’t know much about foals before the auction. I always find it so hard to judge a foal. I just get dazzled by their cuteness, but after watching 50 of them, it really trained my eye on conformation and movement.

After my Mom left, I had to adjust back to being a big girl. I must say I am thrilled with Vitall’s recovery. The other day, we did one tempis again. It felt like we had just done them yesterday. I had this feeling that he would have forgotten everything and be like a stiff old man, but, nope, I was wrong. He feels better than ever – so fresh and supple. I can’t wait to get back into training full-time, then next step the show ring.

I have also been riding Edward a lot more. Speaking of Edward, I have decided to change his name. Edward is not the best name. It’s a bit unflattering for him, so Edward will be his barn nickname. He is also known as Turtle because he likes to nip at me a lot. His new show name will be East Coast City Boy. I plan to do a three-year-old competition with him in December and maybe a few stallion shows in the fall. I figure the stallion shows are good exposure and gets him used to a lot of noise, always helpful for the show ring down the road.

The clinic had to be postponed, we are now planning it for some time in October.

They’re big updates to my website make sure you check it out www.alexandraduncan.net

I also just did an interview with Horse Girl tv check it out here.