Things have been moderately quiet since Bromont, the only big excitements being an outing to Richland. Before Richland, Selena took Solo and Woody (aka Foxwood High) to Bruce Davidson’s for a tune up then onwards to Michigan, we certainly put the miles on our trailer. Richland was a good outing, they both ran Advanced, first time for Woody. Woody placed 6th and Solo placed 8th. Solo was last as usual after the dressage but not quite so ‘last’ as he has been. He was only one point last and less than a xc jump from first. This is a big move up for him and we are optimistically hoping we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. His XC and stadium are amazing and SO consistent. Woody did his best with all those flying changes and managed to ace one in four – however, he manages them well in schooling sessions and it will only be a question of practice before he can get them every time in the ring. He sailed around his first Advanced and had one rail in stadium. Selena was really pleased with him as were his owners, John and Judy Rumble.

Solo and Woody are off again this weekend to Plantation where they are doing the CIC***. This will qualify Woody for Fairhill CCI***. They are both entered, it’s very exciting.

Meanwhile back at Balsam Hall, the ‘ladies team’ have been negotiating their first ever short course events and attending the local Cadora dressage series with great success. We took home two of the Cadora champion ribbons at the end of season show – Diana Wyatt on Watson’s Cyl took the WalkTrot Championship and Kate Sykes on Watson’s Whistler took the First Level Championship. We are so proud of them.

Two other Watson horses went on a mission a week or so ago. Selena and I took Watson’s Cebastian and Watson’s Cydney to Bruce Davidson’s and they went out hunting with the Radnor Hunt. Of course they were angelic and Cebby might be changing jobs from an eventer/show jumper to a hack/field hunter.