Tracey Mitchell welcomes Maya Markowski back to ‘Hitting Your Stride’, as the coach and driving force behind Equest Dressage catches the podcast listeners up on her Olympic goals and how she’s been working towards making them a reality.

Maya talks about keeping her objectives in perspective and how she’s taking things as they come throughout this process. Preparing for a trip to the Pan Am Games in Santiago, Chile, in order to keep chasing her Olympic dream is at the forefront and she’s doing what she can to balance working with the four horses who could potentially be her ride along with running Equest Dressage, working with her coach Jacquie Brooks, and fitting in some home renos on the side.

As it was when Maya previously joined the podcast, teamwork is still making the dream work and she gives credit to those around her for making this quest possible. And as she makes a push for a spot representing her country at the Olympics, Maya has seen the effect it has had on her students and how it has them excited to chase down their own dreams. She talks with Tracey about how she can be her own worst critic, but remembers that her training has prepared her for times like this. Patience, she says, is key because no matter what goals she or any other rider might have … the horses might have other ideas in mind.

Going after this kind of dream can be challenging, but Maya is taking everything that comes her way and facing it the best way she knows how ‒ with a laugh, a smile and plenty of effort.

Follow along as Maya Markowski chases down her Pan Am and Olympic dreams on her social media as well as on You can also find a link there to help support her as she continues to make the push for Santiago.

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