Karen Sparks is showing us all what happens when you ask for more. All it took was one time at summer camp as a six-year-old for Karen to get hooked on horses, leading her to ask for more time with them.

A woman kissing a baby wearing a pink riding helmet.

A kiss for luck! Karen is the proud mom of four. (Jump Media photo)

That simple request cemented her lifelong equestrian passion, and she’s been making every moment since then count. Helping turn Wesley Clover Parks into one of Canada’s premier equestrian venues is only a small part of who and what Karen has become.

She talks about her decision not to live a professional rider’s life, how the mind of an athlete and an entrepreneur are very similar and, perhaps most importantly, the act of giving yourself grace.

Tracey Mitchell talks with Karen about her involvement in Equestrian Canada, her partnership with her horse, Lugano, and that time McLain Ward gave her the best compliment she’s ever received. It’s an episode full of teachable moments from start to finish.

You can find out more about Karen’s work with the Wesley Clover Foundation here, and more about Wesley Clover Parks here.

Listen to the episode here: