Lendon Gray is many things in the equestrian world: champion, teacher, author, icon. And in joining Tracey for this episode of Hitting Your Stride, Lendon shares stories that hold as much learning value as they do entertainment.

The ladies’ talk covers the wide arc of Lendon’s career, including her roots in the saddle that spanned a number of disciplines and her rise in the dressage ranks to become one of the most prominent US riders. But her real impact has come as a teacher and founder of Dressage 4 Kids, a place where she gets to give back to the sport that gave her so much.

Mixing her wisdom with some humble humour, Lendon paints a picture of her vision of dressage and what she thinks it takes to excel at the sport. She tells Tracey about the importance of fun and the difference between being a good rider and a great one.

Lendon Gray can be found online at www.dressage4kids.org, as well as on social media at Facebook and Instagram. Anyone wanting to contact her directly can do so via email at graydressage@gmail.com.

Listen to the episode here: