Ontario Equestrian’s Danielle Glanc joins the show and lets her inner light shine brightly as she talks to Tracey Mitchell about her love of horses and her commitment to them in every imaginable way.

Danielle is able to take the analytical half of her brain she uses for her day job as a farm policy analyst with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and meld it seamlessly with her passionate championing of horses in her private life and with OE. Her natural inclination towards service helps her be a better advocate for horses and a better horsewoman for herself.

Tracey and Danielle talk about how big a factor priority setting is for her, and her biggest motivating factor is seeing the results of her hard work rather than trophies. In short, it’s her desire to be realistic that echoes in her ears when it comes to finding her inner touchstone.

She is partially responsible for helping OE establish the Equine Welfare & Advocacy Committee, something that helped save the equine community during the COVID pandemic and continues to provide guidance today.

Danielle keeps in mind that all of her experiences in the saddle and around the barn have been a privilege and will hold that gratitude in her heart forever. Well, that and a little grit, too!

You can follow along with the work that Danielle and Ontario Equestrian are doing at www.ontarioequestrian.ca.

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