What NOT to Feed Your Horse

Everyone has heard stories of ponies that loved to scarf down human foods, but there are many foods, including house plants, that horses should not be fed.

Why is Colostrum so Important?

Colostrum, the elixir of life for newborn foals, is a thick, yellowish fluid produced in the mare's mammary glands towards the end of the pregnancy.


The FEI has two classifications for prohibited substances; they are either banned, or they are a controlled medication. Keep reading to find out more.

Lactose Intolerance in Foals

Lactose intolerance in foals is rare and arises from the failure of the intestines to secrete the enzyme lactase to hydrolyse lactose in the dam's milk.

Estimating a Horse’s Body Weight

It’s important to know a horse’s weight when formulating a diet or medication dosage. This article highlights ways you can figure out a horse's weight.