To avoid going completely bonkers while in lockdown, we present suggestions of things to do, read and watch to help you stay occupied while satisfying your horse hankerings.

Putting the Pieces Together

Jigsaw Puzzles are a great way to fritter away the hours, and you might as well be doing one that has 1,000 pieces and pictures of horses! While stores are closed you can easily order online. Just be sure to set up the table away from large waggy dog tails. If you have cats, good luck.

Bits and Pieces Canada is a good place to start – puzzles start at just $9.99:

Horse Collage Puzzle – $9.99 / Horse Barn Christmas – $19.99


Zazzle puzzles are a bit pricier, but come with the ability to customize by editing the design, backgrounds, etc:

Black Appaloosa Horses in Snow – $29.20


Puzzle Warehouse has lots of horsey jigsaws for adults and kids:

Autumn Meadow -$11.99 (USD)



Get Your e-Learning On

FEI Campus is a free, cutting-edge e-learning platform featuring content and courses carefully selected by experts and professionals within the equestrian community. Its Horsemanship pages are aimed at everyone who truly cares about horses with themes such as: Veterinary Education, Equine Health, Husbandry and Feeding, Equine Conformation, The Equine Athlete, Equine Behaviour and Handling, and much more.


Going Once, Going Twice…

Stuck at home? Why not buy a super-expensive European sport horse?

The Oldenburger Online Elite Auction presents its 92nd Spring Elite Auction as an Online Elite Auction running from Wednesday, March 25th to Saturday, April 4th. It features elite “jumping course athletes to charming dressage kings and queens.” You can view the entire collection and bid for your favourites on the Oldenburg homepage. Or you can just browse with a glass of wine and dream…


This Never Gets Old

SmartPak’s “If Horses Were People,” video series is always good for a chuckle. From equine quirks and stereotypies, eating habits, disobediences, lost shoes and blanket abuse to horse show hysteria, Sarah and Sara have got it spot on!


Curl Up with a Good Article

And finally, for some awesome reading material, check out a few articles from’s extensive library featuring training article, profiles, health and nutrition – and more!

We suggest:

Can Horses be Depressed?
Wondering if your horse is missing you the way that you are missing him? Since we can’t conduct interviews about their feelings, we don’t know if horses experience depression – but here’s what researchers do know.

How to Set Up the Perfect Home Gym
Here’s a list of simple, economical home equipment and rider-focussed exercises to give you some bang for your out-of-the-saddle buck.

Noseband Science: How Tight is Too Tight for Your Horse?
The rules on how tight a horse’s noseband should be in equestrian sports are unclear, but research is showing that they need to be loosened.

Money-Saving Tips for Horse People
As the nation’s horse people are trying to find the means to afford their equine pursuits, this article highlights clever money-saving tips.



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