How often do you conduct a walk-around at your barn or farm? Do you know the rules when it comes to paying employees who work for an equestrian-based business? Are you up-to-date on all the waivers, safety regulations and tax implications that go along with running your business?

These are just a small sample of questions that Catherine Willson posed to Tracey on this episode of Hitting Your Stride. Catherine has been a practicing lawyer since 1989 and has just published her first book on equine law ‒ Canadian Equine Law: A Guide For Anyone Working With Horses In Canada (the first equine law book published in Canada!). She joined the podcast to talk about that, her long-standing passion for horses, and how she balances all of her many interests with a very busy schedule.

Articles by Catherine on issues of equine law have been published extensively on and other industry publications. She has given conferences across Canada on the subject for Equine Canada, the Ontario Equestrian Federation, the American Association for Justice, various horse and racing associations, and the Jockey Club of Canada. Her clients come from many horse-related industries, and she advises on contracts, syndicates, litigation, disputes, and tax issues related to horses.

Her book is available through Self-Counsel Press as well as Amazon. With the book, she has published a number of equine legal documents, such as purchase and sale agreements, boarding, breeding agreements and more that can be purchased separately and used by the industry. Anyone wanting to reach out to Catherine can do so by visiting her law firm’s website at and by emailing her at

Listen to the episode here: